Cooperative Advantages
Our highly qualified maintenance staff insures that members never have to worry about the high cost of home repair bills. Along with routine maintenance repairs, we also provide 24 hour emergency service. As a member, lawn care and snow removal no longer demand hours of attention. Professional landscapers mow the lawns, trim and edge on a weekly basis, while maintenance clears snow from the sidewalks, streets and parking areas.

Unlike most apartments, homes at New England include full basements for additional storage, as well as private entrances, washer and dryer hook-ups and kitchen appliances. Our members also have the freedom to decorate their homes to suit their tastes. Whether you prefer wallpaper or sponge paint, the choice is yours. Some members have created recreation rooms by finishing their basements, while others have installed privacy fences and central air. Our Board of Directors has established specifications for the most popular alterations, but is always willing to consider new ideas.


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